National Defense is the protection of a nation state from both external and internal threats. These threats to the nation State could be driven by external or internal military force or by terrorist both internal or external. Nation State must therefore be prepared to Protect and Secure its national existence or risk demise.

Today, nations with large territorial water and huge hydrocarbon deposits face evermore security threats in their maritime domain and needs to fully equip or recapitalize their Navies to meet current threats.

At GSO, we help nation states to address and eliminate these threats.

The United State has the capacity and capability to assist nation states to address these threats. The United State is only willing to assist nation state that are friends to it.

The United State International traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) governs all international arms sales from United State of America.

See the report prepared by GOZI OBUROTA in 2006 on International traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR). Read Now »

Below is some of the capabilities of the United State Government in the protection of its Maritime domain.